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As you probably know by now, Wright Career College has permanently closed its’ doors, filing for bankruptcy. This unexpected announcement has left thousands of students in limbo, unsure of whether or not they will have to restart their education, or earn any credits for the classes they have attended this semester.

On a positive note, when a for-profit college closes suddenly like this, former students may be entitled to student loan forgiveness. This applies to all former students, not just those that were in attendance when the closure came to fruition. If you have any student loans from Wright Career College, give us a call today at 855-868-8602 to see if you qualify. The sooner you get into a forgiveness program, the better, as seats are limited.

Timeline of Events


Wright Career College was founded as Dickinson Business School to train typists for businesses in Kansas City.


Dickenson Business School ads a secretarial program, as well as a new shorthand system, known as the “Dickinson Shorthand”.


James Miller purchased Dickinson Business school, gaining accreditation and additional campuses over the next ten years.


Dickinson Business School changes its name to Wright Business School.


Wright Business School is purchased by Mission Group Kansas, Inc.


Wright Business School moves to Overland Park, Texas.


Wright Business School changes its name to Wright Career College, while adding Associate degree programs.


Wright Career College expands to Wichita, Kansas and Omaha, Nebraska, as well as adding Bachelor programs to its courses.


Wright Career College suddenly closes its doors, leaving thousands of students stranded with mounds of student debt, and teachers without jobs.

What happens next?

Wright Career College was unsuccessful in its attempts to arrange a teach-out with another college. This may mean that credits earned from the school could become worthless. If this scenario becomes a reality, students will have to restart their education elsewhere. This makes it even more important to enroll in a forgiveness program today, so you do not get stuck repaying loans for literally nothing.

If you attended the Wright Career College, regardless of when you attended, you may qualify for partial or even full loan forgiveness.

I'm so glad I found this website! After attending Wright Career College, I wasn't able to find a job in my field and got stuck with over 30 grand in loans. It's really no surprise they closed. Thankfully, I'm now paying $0/month and will have my loans forgiven at the end of the term! Thanks guys!

Carl Jung, Wichita

From $570 a month to $0. I am in shock. I am so grateful for this service, you are a God-send.

Jerry Cogswell, Omaha

I just graduated from Wright last year, and I am actually glad they shut down, they really were crooks. I got enrolled to this forgiveness program on Friday when they shut down, I wasn't going to take any chances with the $30k+ I owe for my piece of paper.

Larry Schulz, Tulsa

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